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My Fans

and what they say about me.

Tom Simmons Director of Identity at AuthX

Dimitry was great to work with and a true professional. He routinely received tasking with short or imprecise deadlines yet had no problem delivering on schedule. A hallmark of Dimitry's work was his ability to interpret the intent of a project and create something that accurately met that intent while also considering how the end customer would receive it. Dimitry handled numerous projects across graphic design, website design, and video production.


His web designs considered not just UI but also UX. His video production work, often governed by quick turnarounds, never suffered from these timelines and always resulted in fantastic promotional material. He demonstrated his skill beyond standard nonlinear editing to include keyframing effects and well-executed transitions. Overall, Dimitry was great to work with and always met our objectives, asked insightful questions, and demonstrated creativity with his solutions.

Mike Procuk, Business Development,
(formerly my direct supervisor at CERTIFY Global) 

I cannot speak highly enough of Dimitry. Dimitry is a pleasure to have in the office, he is a diligent worker, a team player, an excellent designer and he is never afraid to voice his opinion. His creativity really shines through even when given the most ambiguous or “boring” design tasks. He is always looking for a way to improve both process and project work and willing to put in extra time when deadlines are hard and must be met. When it’s time to have fun he brings something special to the office!! Dimitry 100% has my personal and professional support and recommendation!

Hunter Horton, CSM, Vice President of Marketing
at NextUp Solutions

I witnessed firsthand Dimitry's ability to come into a chaotic team and use not only his design skills, but his managerial prowess to completely revamp and reorganize processes to streamline them for levels of efficiency I didn't think were possible. He is patient, flexible, open to collaboration, amenable to feedback, and a fantastic designer. Any team would be lucky to have Dimitry's blend of design capabilities and leadership expertise.

Catherine A. Honeyman, PhD, Senior Youth Workforce Specialist at World Learning

Dimitry is a creative and collaborative designer, a great asset to World Learning! He brings new perspectives and ideas and also encourages and supports the people he works with.

Bill Thorne, Sr. Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs at National Retail Federation

Smart. Creative. Engaged. Intuitive.

Catherine Pages, Director, Product Design and UX
at Gannett | USA Today Network

I was Dimitry's manager during my tenure at CoStar Group. He was hired as a freelancer and quickly proved himself to be a valuable member of the team. He was hired as a full-time employee within a few short months. What continually impressed me about Dimitry was his speed, creativity and flexibility. He came to work engaged and ready to help, often assisting and mentoring younger designers and freelancers. I would strongly recommend Dimitry for any future positions. They would be lucky to have such a creative and intelligent designer on their team.

Aaron Hansen, Creative Services Manager & Director
at American Institute of Physics

Dimitry is a creative problem solver and strategic thinker. His technical skills and broad range of experience make him valuable member to any team. He is also completely and utterly hilarious.

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