Artemis Berry

"Dimitry was a joy to work with. He nailed the first design project I worked with him on. He takes feedback well and is always open to understanding my needs as an internal client. And on top of it all — he injects fun and energy into every interaction with his colleagues."

— Artemis Berry, Vice President, Member Engagement Company at
National Retail Federation

Kevin Mason

"Dimitry has demonstrated the ability time and time again to take concepts and create stunning work. Whether strictly defined or ambiguous, his print and digital work is quite impressive. Perhaps just as important as his technical competency is Dimitry’s positive attitude. His friendly demeanor makes me feel comfortable requesting changes to projects and uplifts the team. Dimitry also makes a beautiful woman on Dia de los Muertos."

— Kevin Mason, Director, Customer Experience at CoStar Group

Catherine Pages

“I was Dimitry’s manager during my tenure at CoStar Group. What continually impressed me about Dimitry was his speed, creativity and flexibility. He came to work engaged and ready to help, often assisting and mentoring younger designers and freelancers. I would strongly recommend Dimitry for any future positions. They would be lucky to have such a creative and intelligent designer on their team."

— Catherine Pages, Senior Art Director at Wunderman

Mike Raso

“I am writing on behalf of Dimitry Ekzarkhov who served under my direction as a Senior Designer at ds+f. While in our employ, Dimitry produced high-level materials for Fortune 1000 companies, leading associations, and more. He is effective working in a team environment and can be trusted with confidential client information. I would recommend Dimitry for a similar position without hesitation.”

— Mike Raso, Executive Vice President at Don Schaaf & Friends, Inc. (ds+f)

Susan (Mulla) Berry

“Dimitry is a fantastic design professional that I have placed multiple times through The BOSS Group with clients in the DC metro area. Our clients have always given us rave reviews on Dimitry's professionalism, reliability and expert knowledge in graphic design. He has been requested back by clients multiple times, which isn't something that I see every day. I would recommend Dimitry for any position and find him to be adaptable to any environment!”

— Susan (Mulla) Berry, Formerly of BOSS Group

Jenn Heinold

“Dimitry is fantastic designer — creative, easy to work with and full of new ideas. He is open to suggestions and input from others, but is an expert in his own right — staying on top of the changing trends in graphic design. With his design colleagues, I have seen Dimitry take the role of Art Director — offering ideas and solutions to better hone their design talents.”

— Jenn Heinold, Senior Vice President, Events at Access Intelligence