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J's Grocery

Embarking on a journey to revive a cornerstone of the community, our graphic design project teamed up with Rootswell and PHA to breathe new life into J's Grocery, nestled in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. With a focus on preserving heritage while embracing modernity, our collaboration infused the store's branding with vibrant colors, evocative imagery, and a touch of nostalgia. Through thoughtful design elements and community-driven initiatives, we aimed to rekindle a sense of pride and belonging, transforming J's Grocery into not just a place to shop, but a symbol of resilience and renewal in the Delta landscape.

J's Grocery Logo

J's Grocery Logo FINAL.png

J's Grocery building design by Dickson Architects

J's Market Facade.png

J's Grocery Construction Site Banner

J's Neighborhood Market 8x4ft Poster FINAL Rev1.jpg

J's Grocery Social Media Invitation

Rootswell J's Grocery  Event - FB Flyer 1920x1080.jpg

J's Grocery Groundbreaking Banners promoting Rootswell

Rootswell J's Grocery  Event - PopUp 35.75x81.75in-1.jpg
Rootswell J's Grocery  Event - PopUp 35.75x81.75in-2.jpg

J's Grocery Groundbreaking Giveaways

Rootswell J's Grocery  Event - Button 1.75x1.75in - B.png
Rootswell J's Grocery  Event - Button 1.75x1.75in - A.png
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